“I want to build an e-commerce store …why should I use Shopify and not WordPress

That is only one fairly common question from many more questions that I get here at almost every day:

What platform should I use

Will I have to pay any fees

Can I sell ebooks and downloads or just physical products

Can I dropship

What are the pros and cons of Shopify vs. WordPress


👨🏻‍🏫In-a-nutshell answer to “when to choose Shopify over WordPress?”:

Option a): Use it if you don’t have any kind of website and you want to launch a quality e-commerce store fast.

Option b): Use it if you don’t have any design, coding, or website building skills, and you don’t want to hire anybody to set an e-commerce store for you.

Option c): Use it if you want to integrate your online store with your offline on-location store.

Option d): Use it if you need a great e-commerce platform with access to customer support … just in case.

But to be honest, even if you are a great developer and can create an WordPress + Woocommerce site in just few minutes, i would still recommend you to use Shopify!

let me give you some basic reasons (there are many more) yo why choose Shopify every time you wish to create an online shop.

💎Reason 1): Your security is a high priority and Shopify got your back! while working with your own WordPress site you are exposed to DDOS attacks/ hackers/ Spammers etc..
Shopify has a syber security department not allowing anything or anyone harm your site.

💎Reason 2): Unlimited Hosting! every one keep telling me "Why pay Shopify 29$ a month?! its madness!!" 😑...

So... it is even better to pay for a Shopify account and not pay a hosting server cause it will be even cheaper for you with a Unlimited hosting (not like WordPress)

💎Reason 3): Higher conversion rates! Shopify is a platform made for one reason and one reason only, Online stores.

And that is why Shopify has tons of features/apps which allowing you to design your product page/checkout page in a way that it converts like a Motherf***er!

💎Reason 4): 24/7 Support! in Shopify you have experts and online assistance 24/7 while in WordPress you are all alone by yourself

💎Reason 5): Best Shipping/Dropshipping/POD apps/monitors for your online business are in Shopify app store and not in WordPress!

In conclusion:
If you want to Blog/Personal/Informational/Online Community/ Photo Sharing/Resume/Portfolio/Catalogue/Brochure
site so yeah, go to WordPress

BUT if you want to create a Profitable Ecom business online so Without a doubt go to Shopify!

John Elgort